Welcome to To EmpowHER, a community platform aimed at promoting the rise of women across South Africa through social engagement. To EmpowHER is inspired by the lived experiences of its curators, two young South African women who seek to create a safe space to cultivate, uplift and unite the voices of South African women. 


Our aims:

  • Create an inclusive and diverse platform representative of South Africa's population.

  • Highlight the actions of everyday women who utilise their skills in aid of empowering other women. 

  • Allow for volunteer and donation opportunities for our audience to engage in forms of community service.

  • Facilitate safe space events to enable discussion around contemporary topics.

  • Encourage women to contribute their abilities and passions towards the growth of To EmpowHER by submitting to us. 

Thank you for joining us on what we hope will be a movement of change for South African women. We would truly appreciate your feedback, commentary, questions and submissions so that we are able to improve this platform and cater to the needs of all our members. Please feel free to do so

Yours in strength and solidarity, 

Yumna and Imaan 

© 2020 by TO EMPOWHER.