HER Safe Space provides a platform for people, and specifically people of colour, who are creatives, activists, academics and/or working professionals the space to openly speak on and about topics that interest them, engage in conversations about current events or so-called taboo subjects (e.g. sexual and reproductive education) and submit academic essays and/or creative work such as creative writing, poetry, music and visual art. 

We hope to facilitate and encourage critical thinking and robust engagement, and amplify minority voices and stories of, about and by people of colour, as long as it does not infringe on or harm the human rights of the To EmpowHER community.

Solidarity and Support

VIEW MORE for a list of ways you can show solidarity against racial injustice. Change and save a life by signing petitions and donating to NGO/NPOs in support of Zimbabwean lives which are at risk from the ZANU-PF led government and U.S. imposed sanctions.

Knowledge is Power

Start by educating yourself about topics that matter, such as racism, police brutality and civil liberties. When you have knowledge you are empowered. Empower yourself and empower black lives.

Amplify Melanated Voices

Engage with conversations and content to amplify black voices. Black people guide the narrative about systemic injustices, being-black-in-the-world and political activism. Listen, learn and share from the black community.

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